Class Action Settlements

One of our newest service additions has become one of the best ways to get in front of business owners anywhere in the country. Class action settlement claims consulting provides your clients with the ability to obtain their fair shares of consumer and antitrust class action recoveries.

Through strategic relationships, we provide:

  • Access to a custom CRM which is able to be pre-loaded with new business prospects every month.
  • Targeted monthly direct mail campaigns customized for your business.
  • Dynamic trainings and workshops to launch your business strong and train you to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities for other client savings.

Our workshop training classes have been the most exciting our advisors have ever witnessed, they include:

  • Training on how to get past gatekeepers of any size company in the country; one of single greatest marketing techniques we can teach you.
  • Our trainer will work one-on-one with you, and actually call some of your provided leads to engage them.

The class action settlement claims consulting services include:

  • Providing advisor support in advising next steps for serving the client.
  • Preparing, assembling, submitting, and managing client claims packages.
  • Providing effective notification of settlements in which clients may be eligible.

Our team tracks many different class actions, currently there are over twenty which total over $8 Billion in potential recoveries in which we are signing up our clients.

class action cases

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