Become a part of one of the fastest growing companies in America.

Profit Consulting is the smartest business model ever created.

You do the work once, and can receive monthly residuals for the next 5-10 years or more! We are SEEKING CONSULTANTS Nationwide WITH GREAT LIFE EXPERIENCES that want to prosper with the most significant Business Model. It’s perfect for professionals wanting a retirement business and those wanting to get out of their day job. Use your life experiences, professional background and relationship skills to prosper in the most dynamic industry ever created – helping companies SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY.

A cost saving consultant helps companies become more profitable and therefore maintain and retain success in a turbulent business environment as well as these hard times of inflation.

Why Cost Savings is the best business to be in?

Over the last 20 YEARS, Blue Coast has helped SAVE thousands of business owners MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

The Blue Coast Savings Advantage

We take pride in providing our Business Owners with OUTSTANDING SUPPORT AND TRAINING.

What Our Consultants Are Saying

Learn from the experiences of our Blue Coast Savings consultants as you watch, listen, and read their testimonials.

We only work with the best because we have the best. That’s what makes our team model work.

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

Being a savings consultant is a lot like being a superhero in the eyes of your clients. Our sworn arch enemy? The elusive and evil, Wasted profits! With our world class tools, training and support, you’ll make the seemingly impossible appear effortless. Together, day in and day out, we’ll bring our common villain to his knees. Again and again and again.

The Most Innovative Services In The Country

Expense Reduction

We take MULTIPLE services that every company has where we can do credit card audits, waste audits, wireless audits, workers comp audits, telecom audits & MORE. We either find them savings or there is no fee!

Specialized Tax Incentives

We are the only company that provides a NO RISK upfront assessment to determine if clients qualify so you don’t even need to take out your credit card.

Specialized Savings

We have completely changed the game introducing the most CUTTING-EDGE SAVINGS SERVICES, that will soon become widely adopted like same day pay, shipping solutions, health automation & more.

Why Blue Coast Saving Consultants is the Best Business for You.

  • We bring old school into the new business environment easily so you can use your professional background successfully.
  • Work along your day job, work from home, PT-FT or flex time
  • Everything you need is in one place
  • Control your time and your retirement with unlimited income potential
  • Customize for how you like to work

Goodbye, Cold Calling. Hello Pre-set Qualified Appointments

Many people are excited when they buy a business but have no idea how to market it. Don’t worry, at Blue Coast, we take the guess work out of marketing. The Blue Coast “Smart Marketing” seamlessly takes the guesswork out of getting business into the pipeline.

LinkedIn Marketing Program

All professionals are on LinkedIn because in today’s digital landscape, mastering the LinkedIn platform is a KEY TO SUCCESS!

Digital Marketing

Our savvy online marketers will help you take your business digital. Consult with these experts about driving qualified traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

Are you wearing too many hats and trying to grow your business? Don’t let business development and earning NEW BUSINESS sit on the back-burner.

Every Superhero Needs a Side-Kick. Meet Yours

Batman had Robin. Superman had Jimmy Olsen. Captain America had Bucky. With Blue Coast, your team and tools are always right by your side too. From client presentations, to closing deals, to on the fly savings recommendations, we’ve got your back! Every step of the way.

Closing Desk Support

National Account Managers are business experts ready to help you CLOSE any prospect.

Digital Sales Tools

Run your consulting business from your smartphone, tablet or PC on our REVOLUTIONARY APP!


 Consultants use our turnkey package to always be at the TOP of their professional game.


If you like building relationships, helping companies save money while earning monthly residuals for 3-10 or more years, working smarter not harder as a team then you’ll find no model like Blue Coast as we know there are many choices but there is only one that is at the right place at the right time.

Blue Coast Savings is a better and smarter business model period.

Join The Global Leader In Cost Savings & Expense Reduction. Our Consultants Have Saved Million’s in Wasted Profits For Our Clients

What's Included

Our carefully crafted, value-priced Savings Consultant Package gives you the training, the tools and the technology you need to become financially successful.

Due Diligence

Our dedicated team will be assigned to help you. You are able to discuss and collaborate with your representatives. They will handle the discovery and presentation call.


Have questions about becoming a Blue Coast Savings consultant? We have developed a frequently asked questions page to help answer some of your questions.

We enjoy helping companies save money and they need you NOW.

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