Q: How will Blue Coast help me find and attract clients?

A: Blue Coast makes available several different marketing channels:

  • Pre-Set Face to Face Appointments
  • My Marketing Assistant
  • Email Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Much More

We customize these channels to fit the individual needs of each advisor. Blue Coast provides training and marketing tools to help you attract clients who are ready to take advantage of our valuable services. Additionally, pre-set leads are available for you from outside vendors at an additional cost to you.

Q: Is Blue Coast Savings a Franchise?

A: No, Blue Coast Savings is not a Franchise, it is a Business Opportunity. Franchise and Business Opportunities are both specific business instruments regulated by the FTC.

Q: What’s the difference between a franchise and a business opportunity?

A: A Franchise and Business Opportunity are both complete systems of creating a new company, but they differ in a couple of key ways. A Franchise mandates that you stay in a specific area, often a zip-code, while a Business Opportunity is not restricted geographically. A Franchise carries the burden of ongoing franchise fees and requires you to use the main company name. A Business Opportunity often does NOT have an on-going franchise fee, but instead allows you to use their back-end system without mandating the use of the main franchise name. Financially, a Franchise is generally costlier as you are buying a complete turn-key system, a Business Opportunity is generally less costly as you are buying a business, but you can run it in any way you see fit. Finally, there is a requirement for both a Franchise and a Business Opportunity to file documents with the state Attorneys General of any states in which they operate, so from that standpoint they are both similar and highly regulated.

Q: Can I work this Opportunity along with my day job?

A: Yes, Blue Coast is about making the time you put in count. Revenue is generated by ROI, ROT, and leveraging your time and your clients. Blue Coast handles the “back end” for you.

Q: Do I need to have sales experience to be successful?

A: No, Blue Coast is not a sales position. Our Advisors provide solutions and services that business owners want and need.

Q: Why should I invest in a service-oriented opportunity as opposed to a brick-and-mortar operation?

A: By utilizing the expertise of our independent auditor and service providers your business start-up expenses are kept at a minimum. Overhead such as rent, utilities, employee payroll costs, liability insurance, etc., just increase your dollar investment without bringing a single client to the table.

Q: Do I have any liabilities as a Blue Coast Savings Consultants Advisor?

A: No. The reliable experts and trusted vendors that we use to perform the reviews are all independently contracted and assume all the liabilities for work performed. The Blue Coast Advisor simply acts as a middleman or conduit for a client to submit their business to Blue Coast for review.

Q: What kind of expenses might I have?

A: As a Blue Coast Advisor your ongoing cost of doing business is minimal. In fact, Blue Coast provides everything you need to operate your business, including initial marketing. And, there are no royalty fees.

Q: What if a prospect, who responds to your marketing, goes straight to the corporate website to obtain more information?

A: We do not handle any clients directly, so all leads go back to the Advisors.  All leads come from the Advisors websites and marketing. If we receive direct leads our first call to the prospect will be to determine how they heard about us. We then direct them to the appropriate advisor.

Q: Do I need to have any specific financial service experience to be a Blue Coast Savings Consultants Advisor?

A: Your willingness to learn, ability to listen and the motivation to apply the techniques and strategies we will teach you is all you need. General experience in a business environment is helpful.

Q: Will I be assigned a territory?

A: No. Blue Coast does not want to limit where you can operate your business. We want you to have the ability to work with clients and referrals from anywhere in the United States.

Q: How much can I earn?

A: The FTC does not allow Blue Coast or any other business opportunity to give income claims. However, with 125 million businesses in the U.S. eligible for Blue Coast’s services, our Advisors have more leads than they can handle. The amount of your income is determined by you. The market is huge, the income potential is unlimited, the business model is simple and Blue Coast is there to support you from the very first day you go to market.

Q: How are the commissions structured?

A: Each service has its own commission structure, some are one-time commissions based on a percent of the transaction, while others come in the form of ongoing residuals based on volume of business.

Q: How big is the market for Blue Coast services?

A: 32 million businesses exist in the USA that qualify for one or more of Blue Coast services. How many can you handle?

Q: What marketing experience do I need to be successful with Blue Coast?

A: Marketing experience is not necessary. Blue Coast’s “Smart Marketing” system provides you with the marketing tools of a seasoned professional.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply contact one of our Business Development Directors and you will be sent a profile to complete or complete the Online Application to see if you qualify. This will begin the process of reviewing your application to become a part of the Blue Coast family.

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