Revolutionary Marketing Portal – Have leads waiting every Monday morning

As a Blue Coast consultant, you won’t waste time and money following dead-end leads. Our Lead Feed program highlights a specific industry each month, then feeds our advisors local leads to follow. We offer a program you’ll never find in any other business with our marketing portal. We select a different industry each month (like Manufacturing) for which we have success stories with savings from manufacturers, creating credibility right from the beginning. Here are some highlights:

  • Lead specific-drip campaign
  • Specific monthly industry focus
  • Industry targeted leads delivered on a weekly basis
  • Industry targeted scripts, articles, and email templates, social media templates
  • Specialized training and coaching
  • A proprietary first-of-a-kind app for your smart phone

All of this equals results. So if you are looking for a consistent marketing system that delivers weekly results it doesn’t get better than this.

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