5 Great Blogs for Business Start-ups

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Starting a business is fraught with both foreseen and surprising opportunities , so the start-up captain needs lots of advice to navigate. Many successful entrepreneurs and investors blog out business advice every day, but which blog sites are worth the time it takes to read them?

At Inc.com, they say, “you can find everything you need to know to start and grow your business now.” This blog is the website of Inc. Magazine founded in Boston in 1979 and now for 30+ years the self-styled premier print publication for business owners.

The website, which launched in 1996, is loaded with ideas, information, inspiration, and practical, common-sense counsel for start-ups from those who have been through the process. Current articles advise readers to rein in customer expectations before they sink your business, to check out the eight best industries in which to start a business, and to consider seven habits of highly ineffective people.

StartupNation defines itself as “a place of action,” a source of information for small businesses looking to grow and prosper. Certain main principles are its guiding lights

Content must be practical and concise in presentation.
Content must come from entrepreneurs who face the same challenges of all entrepreneurs.
Interactive coaching makes content informative, tangible, and translatable into everyone’s circumstances.

StartupNation’s slogan is “Rock your business,” not merely a motivational cliche but a layered promise with three interpretations, that of a rock star, that of a rocking movement of a porch chair, always adaptable, never stagnant, and finally that of the solidity of stone as in a rock-solid business.

At Both Sides of the Table blogged by Mark Suster, venture capitalist and former entrepreneur who has seen every business situation from startups to blue-chip corporations and has a knack for breaking down complicated ideas and making them easy to understand, the focus is on “a genuine passion for what the entrepreneur is doing.” Suster says he believes in the saying, “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.” For him it’s about knowing that most people are naysayers and sometimes entrepreneurs just have to follow their passions.

Blogger Penelope Trunk has founded four successful start-ups. She shares her knowledge and experience in business/career advice in 200+ newspapers. A clever, lively writer, she deftly mixes advice with personal anecdotes that always entertain readers. A sample: “The idea that we somehow have a certain amount of potential that we must live up to is a complete crock. People who say they are not living up to their potential do not understand what living means.”

Entrepreneur magazine carries news stories about small business development, management, and opportunities. The magazine publishes monthly issues available from subscriptions and newsstands. In 1997, the magazine launched its website, which receives more than six million visits monthly. Articles beckon on the home page under “The Latest,” Most Shared Stories,” “Trending Now,’ and “Special Reports” headings.

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