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iStock_000010361593SmallYou’re a consultant and you work for someone but you’re ready to go out on your own. Or you’re in insurance, financial services, management, logistics or some other relevant field and you see that it makes more sense to work for yourself than someone else.

Why not open your own Consulting business? Perfect, except you don’t have the back-office structure to support you. It’ll be you all alone doing all the work and it limits your income. How about buying into a franchise? Perfect, except that now you have to do everything that the Franchisor tells you to do, do it their way or else you risk losing your support and maybe even the franchise itself.

Blue Coast Savings Consultants offers a 3rd alternative: A Consulting Business Opportunity. What is it? It’s NOT a franchise, but a business that YOU own with all of the support of a franchise without all of the on-going fees.

It works like this: You pay ONE TIME for the training, the license to use the back-office support, the technology and then you’re ready to roll. You’re running your own business, consulting with local businesses about saving them money. And Blue Coast provides all the marketing support, back-office support and technology support you need.

It’s really the best of both worlds – the support and structure of a franchise, without the restrictions. Blue Coast Savings Consultants has invested heavily in technology like our world-class BSA Pro Tool, online marketing and lead generation, and training.

If you are interested in starting your own consulting “franchise”, learn more about becoming a Blue Coast Savings Consultant: View Our Webinar and learn why Blue Coast Savings Consultants is the best Business Opportunity in America right now.

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