Reasons for Mature Entreprenuers to Use Our Business Consulting Services

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The Small Business Administration estimates that there are approximately 28 million small businesses currently operating in the United States. A good number of them are Baby Boomers, as the AARP reports that 25% of all Americans between the ages of 47 and 70 plan to start a new business within the next decade. These entrepreneurs face tougher circumstances than in years past, which is why many of them could benefit from our business consulting services.

The average business takes around five years in order to begin realizing a profit. Older business owners may not be willing to wait that long to start seeing profits, as they have fewer working years left to engage in their endeavors. As such, cutting operating costs can be especially important for this group of entrepreneurs.

Many Baby Boomers are also retired from other occupations, and use their retirement accounts to finance their new business startups. As such, they are interested in making that money back within a reasonable amount of time so that it will be there when they decide to leave their new company. For many, the only way to ensure this happens is by trimming operating costs so that money can be placed back into a retirement fund for later use.

Another concern for older business owners is the higher cost of insurance these individuals are faced with. Since they must spend more money on insurance, they often need to cut back in other areas in order to make sure they are able to afford their premiums.

As a Blue Coast Savings Consultant, you’ll be providing a valuable resource to older business owners by helping them trim costs and become more profitable. This could ultimately determine whether their business is a success or a failure. To find out more about this life-changing opportunity, contact us today.

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