Starting A Business – What Successful Entrepreneurs Wish They Had Known Earlier

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Thinking of starting a business? There’s been a lot written on this subject of starting a business, but in the end, it’s just like anything else, there’s some basic wisdom on the subject. To get you started, here are three of the most common things you’ll find successful business owners saying they wish they had known earlier.

1.) You are more than your business Yes, your business is important and requires hard work. But many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of overworking themselves. Not only does this create stress and lead to difficulty balancing family and other parts of personal life, working double the time has been shown to hardly increase business growth at all.

Being present with the task at hand and being mindful of how it is supporting your ultimate goals for eight hours a day will be a lot more effective than banging your head against the rock of “business growth” for sixteen.

2.) Seek advice Mentors are one of the most valuable and underutilized tools new (and experienced) entrepreneurs can rely on. Got a problem? Chances are there’s someone who’s dealt with just the same thing before and knows how to handle it.

Writing a letter to a younger version of himself who is about to start a business, Joshua Stiemle says “You think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t. You’re a young punk. You don’t have a clue. Find someone who has done it before and buy them lunch.” A bit frank, but the message is clear: the road is a lot easier with people to guide you.

3.) Be patient If you’re starting a business, you undoubtedly have a great service or product you truly believe will benefit others. Amid your personal belief in what you’re selling, crazy start-up stories, and with all of the work you put into building your business to perfection, it’s understandable that expectations are high.

Jeff Bezos, shares in an article that it takes seven years to really build a business. Not expecting massive turnouts in the first stages of business can help you to move successfully through the beginnings without disappointment, allowing you to take the time needed to grow your business.

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