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Many people have dreamed of starting a business of their own. The freedom of working for yourself, having room to express your creativity, doing something you believe in, and being in charge of your own destiny are all massively appealing. So why do so few people do it? Really, it comes down to the fear: “I don’t know how.” The truth is, starting your own business doesn’t take prior knowledge of business or any special expertise. If done right, a good idea, passion, and a willingness to learn and make mistakes are all that’s needed. Here are a few key points that you can think of as the first steps to starting your own business.

1. Start Small One of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs make is thinking they need to start big, taking out huge loans or searching for big investments. In reality, starting small is much more advantageous. Without having the burden of repaying loans and investors, your business actually becomes more profitable faster, as each dollar earned can be reinvested in the business. You will find your business grows fast enough, and when it does become large you won’t have the debilitating obligation of debt repayments. You can keep the security of your job while beginning to explore the realm of entrepreneurship. Starting small also allows you to make mistakes, try different approaches, and learn the art of business as you go.

2. Start Slow Another one of the biggest problems that new business owners run into is trying to grow too fast and becoming overwhelmed. Trying to do too much too fast, they end up giving up because their life has become too stressful. It’s not realistic to try to create a killer business structure in one day, or to expect the business you just started to immediately produce enough profits to cover all your personal expenses. Growing a business takes time and starting slowly will allow time for learning and create a far more relaxing work structure. When your work is relaxed, things fall into place more easily, and your business will have a greater chance for longevity.

3. Focus On Quality Rather Than Outcome If you provide people with something of value, they will be willing to spend money on it. Your business will naturally grow and become profitable. When quality is put first, the outcomes are naturally positive, whereas focus on a profitable outcome may distract you from providing true value.

4. Do What You Enjoy Your business will be a reflection of the way you work. If you are constantly unhappy with your work, the rest of the business will reflect that. If you do something you enjoy, work is easy and joyful, and even the difficult parts feel worth it. A better business will be created, and a more fulfilling life too!

5. Seek Advice You aren’t supposed to be an expert in all of the necessary aspects of running a business. Even the big shot CEOs have many advisers in different areas of business, and are constantly bringing in people with new perspectives. Learn from everyone you can, and ask for their advice – the more perspectives you get, the better equipped you will be.

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