5 Basic Networking Strategies

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Networking is defined as “the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business.” Even though networking is a common practice, successful networking can take some time to master. Here are some basic networking strategies to help you think about this important part of your career.

1) Practice makes [better]. There is no perfection in networking, but practice will go a long way in improving your skills. Attend as many networking events as you can to build your base of friends and acquaintances.

2) ‘No’ is okay. In your networking quest, it is likely you will hear ‘no’ more than you hear ‘yes.’ That’s okay! Persevere and keep making connections, believing your business is worth it.

3) Keep it simple. Focus your efforts on a few areas, rather than using a scattershot approach. Remember that your time and energy are precious and must be spent wisely. If one approach is not garnering results, be willing to move on.

4) You are always networking. Everyone you meet is valuable as a person, and also as a part of your network. Don’t burn bridges; rather, treat high-level executives and entry-level employees with the same amount of respect and kindness.

5) Set goals. Have a clear vision of how networking will help your business and the specific avenues you will use to reach your goals. If you do not yet have that vision, take some time today to think about it!

The 5 strategies above are just some of the many great networking tips out there. Remember to practice, practice, practice; keep going when you hear ‘no’; to use a few effective approaches; network any time, any place; and set (and revise) goals.

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