Your Unique Selling Proposition – How to Figure Out What Makes You Different

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In business, having a unique selling proposition (USP) is key to entrepreneurial success. Read through the tips listed below to help figure out what makes you different. If you decide to take advantage of the Blue Coast Savings Consultant business opportunity we have done much of this for you to help launch your business quickly. Blue Coast, after all, is the #1 Cost-Recovery Firm in America.

1) List benefits and features that are unique to you and your service. What things in your background help you stand out? Education? Travel? Sports? Experience? Location? Look at your competitors to identify which characteristics are unique to you. As a Blue Coast Savings Consultant you’ll have the largest suite of Savings Consulting tools – over 100 – that any company can offer.

2) Decide what client need you are going to meet. Think from a client’s perspective about the needs to be met, and write them down. For Blue Coast, we think about our customers – they can increase profit in one of only 2 ways, increase sales or decrease expenses. We help them decrease expenses.

3) Identify services and features your competitors cannot imitate. Make a list of things you provide that are difficult to replicate. These things are your unique niche in the market. We have a tool that our Consultants use called the Blue Coast Savings Assessment Tool. It’s an online tool that no-one else has and can help you move from appointment to sale quickly and easily.

4) Brainstorm phrases about you and your services. You do not have to be cute, but do be creative, clear, and concise. Focus on the list of items in numbers 1-3 and the unique aspects you have to offer. With Blue Coast we say “Savings is Smart”, simple as that!

5) Answer the customer question, “What’s in it for me?” Once you have answered the question, state it as a benefit to the customer. EX: The US Peace Corps, “The toughest job you’ll ever love.” For Blue Coast, again, we feel it’s “Savings is Smart”. The customer is smart for saving money and for selecting you to work with!

In summary, take some time to think about your business (and yourself) and what unique services, talents, and benefits you bring to the marketplace. You believe you have something to offer, so the challenge is to present what you have to offer as something that will benefit customers and clients. Be creative, be willing to ask for help, and then be proud of what makes you different in a world that tries to make everyone the same.

Obviously, you should go through the more personal items listed above on your own but we have proven market strategies in place to help you get started quickly as a Blue Coast Savings Consultant. View our webinar and see if this unique business opportunity is right for you.

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