Basic Business Principles – Consideration for Others

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Many wise individuals have spoken and written about the importance relationships play in business. Building solid relationships with others is a powerful key to long term success, no matter the type of business you are in. You can call these ideas ethics or etiquette or you could just call them sound business principles for working successfully with others. Here’s our list.

1) Fitting In – If you are the owner of a multi-million dollar software company then this may not be for you, but for the rest of us, it is essential that we fit in with others. People are more comfortable when they feel they fit in. One way you can do this is by observing the way others in your office/industry dress and following suit. This is not the place to let your freak flag fly. This is the place to respect others and not create stress and conflict by under-dressing or over-dressing. Remember, the name of the game is to get along and be part of a team. Dress with taste and style, but never one-up others by overdressing, never try to gain attention by dressing too sexy and never be slothful in your attire and grooming.

2) Privacy – It is important to set boundaries in any business setting. By becoming conscious of what is and isn’t necessary to share is extremely important. This goes for other privacy as well as your own. Just sharing what is necessary for the situation and keeping your private and personal stories to yourself is a good rule of thumb. And never become engaged in or start conversations about another persons personal life situations. This is very bad form and tells others that you have little respect for the one you are ‘gossiping’ about and most likely have little respect for anyone.

3) Being On Time – There is nothing that screams disrespect like coming into a meeting late or keeping your boss or clients waiting. Time is something we have created so that we can work together. Remember that others have made arrangements, said no and set up their day with that appointment with you in mind. It only takes a little more effort to make sure you are not late.

4) Be Easy To Get Along With – Don’t make the mistake of taking others for granted. They are human beings the same as you and they can do their job much more effectively when they feel comfortable. Nastiness and a bad attitude will never get you to where you want to be. In fact they are a certain stumbling block when it comes to business. People, including employees and managers want to work with others who are easy going and friendly. Of course this is not a suggestion to be a push over, stand for what you believe, but do it with kindness and consideration. You won’t be sorry.

5) Truly Value Others – Other people have opinions and ideas too. Be sensitive to this and listen to feedback from others, many times there is something there you can use. It takes a team to be successful and developing the ability to listen to others with respect and consideration is the mark of maturity.

6) Keep your communication on a high level – Don’t use slang when you speak or write. Never use abusive or course words in your business. It isn’t necessary and it creates an image of harshness that won’t serve you in growing your business. Keep your communication clear and clean and positive. With every word you are creating a relationship. Stop and think about how you want to be perceived by others.

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