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Blue Coast Savings Consultants is the category leader in Savings Consulting and is the best Business Opportunity in the United States for many reasons. But first and foremost is our ongoing training.

Blue Coast Savings Consultants spends a lot of time developing and training our advisors. In addition to the initial training we provide, there are weekly Roundtable calls that are small intimate groups. Whether it be new marketing, services, or tools, we are continuously holding training calls on a national level. One of the things Blue Coast Savings does is put on national events.

This is where our advisors gather together from across the country to meet the team. In addition, many people decide to visit our corporate offices and meet our staff. Here’s an example of what some of our Advisors have said about our training, our Business Opportunity and our National Events.

Thanks for watching our video. We look forward to getting to know you better. Please view our webinar to learn more about the Blue Coast Savings Consultants Business Opportunity and why we’re better than a franchise!

Video Transcript:

Pamela: It’s so nice getting to put faces and names together, which I just absolutely love getting to meet everybody. So that was really exciting, but just really the plan, the plan, the vision and, you know, this is how we’re going to do it. This is the steps that you have to take, and it just made it simplified. I mean, you guys have simplified this whole process that it’s, you know, you guys have set it up so that you can be successful, and if you’re not successful, then it’s not due to the process.

Jim: It was much more than I anticipated. It wasn’t just product knowledge. It wasn’t a, a rah-rah thing. I mean, you really get a feel for the company, the people, where they’re at. It was a tremendous amount of education. In just two days I think we covered about a week’s worth of material.

Cindy: I have sat in front of some business people that are just so happy. They feel like somebody else cares because a lot of times the business person is on an island, they’re by themself. That’s probably been one of the more gratifying parts about doing this is that I’m going in, I’m showing them a way that they can save money, and they’re just thrilled that somebody cares about them.

Cheryl: I appreciated learning more about the actual vision of your company, which is more based on people than a product, which I appreciate.

Vicki: So I wanted to solidify the decision and the investment that I made and the investment in time I’m going to make. Everything that I came here for was a hundred fold what I expected. It was awesome.

Carl: You know, I think that it’s the cutting edge. I think every company wants to find areas where they can, you know, protect their profits, where they can enhance their profits, where they can quit overpaying where they don’t need to. This is a perfect model for helping them do that.

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