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I read an article recently called Your Green Office: Energy-Saving Tips for Small Businesses that talks about several things you can do to save money on your energy bill.

Blue Coast Savings Consultants is the category leader in Savings Consulting and one of our major focus areas is Energy Savings.  We work to help businesses lower their energy costs through several different means.  Energy costs are increasing across America and are a big part of many company’s overhead.  Businesses of all sizes often waste money by paying their Energy Bill without thinking about it.

Blue Coast Advisors work with businesses to determine their energy usage, and what methods they can use to reduce their bill.  Blue Coast Consultants focus on savings  in 3 different areas relating to their energy usage:
1.    Utility Audits
2.    Reduction in their Kilowatt Usage
3.    Deregulation

Utility Audits
Utility Audits are pretty much what they sound like, but much more interesting.  We go back and look for overpayments over the past 4 years, and we do often find overpayments.  These findings can result in a refund for the customer.  In addition, we can reduce their bill moving forward for the next 4 years.  Our advisors are paid on those savings!

Kilowatt Reduction Program
Another extremely exciting and exclusive service offered by Blue Coast Savings is our Kilowatt Reduction Program.  This involves installing devices that are proprietary to our company and enables us to present to any business in America up to 20% in some cases 30% KWH reduction over 2 to 5 years. The best part is your clients will be able to finance this program!  Meaning, your client’s payments will be lower than their savings, at the same time significantly lowering their KWH without any out of pocket expense on the business.

Deregulation of Electricity
In many different states, clients are able to take advantage of deregulation of electricity.  We are able to out-compete anyone in the country through our unique auction format.  Rather than simply check competitor rates, we create an auction for your business.  This energy “auction” may have up to 40 energy providers bidding for your client’s bill.  This process can save your client 10-15% over any other competitor.  The auction is transparent, and the client can attend the live auction.  And the best part is the Advisor is paid off the usage of the client’s bill, not the savings.  The bottom line is that we can sign up 9 out of 10 clients compared to competitors who average a 10% sign-up rate.

These are just some of the examples of why Blue Coast Savings Consultants is on the leading edge of Energy Savings in America

These savings are in addition to the multiple other savings we bring to companies (with multiple other categories of savings).  The best part is we either save the business money or there is no fee.  It’s an Opportunity for our Blue Coast Advisors because we share in the savings with them and our customers.

Contact Us today or View Our Blue Coast Savings Consultants Webinar to learn more about starting your own consulting business using our Blue Coast Energy Savings Opportunities.


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