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One of the things that you will hear about when you talk to anyone associated with Blue Coast Savings Consultants is how revolutionary our Blue Coast Savings Assessment Tool is – we call it the BSA Tool.  Once an advisor and client see it, they say WOW!

Why is the Apple® iPhone® so fantastic?  Because it’s simple, yet has tremendous power packed into it.  We took the same approach when creating our BSA Tool and the result is a WOW!  And we’re the only company that has it.

The BSA Tool is your whole business in ONE place and incorporates all the tools you need to succeed.  It’s really a Complete Business Operation Tool all in one simple, easy to use piece of software, including:

•    A Front End Website with a celebrity representing your business
•    A Savings Analysis tool streamlining the process of determining which of the savings programs can save your customer money
•    A Snapshot Tool that Shows and Demonstrates those savings real time
•    Snapshots of logos of business that have saved money that everyone will recognize
•    A Database of White Papers and Testimonials to prove your case
•    A Scheduler to bring in National Account Managers directly to your meetings
•    A Built-in CRM to see where your customers are in the process flow.

Front End Website
Every business needs a website.  So, we’ve designed a dynamic website just for you, including a celebrity spokesperson presenting YOUR consulting business (not Blue Coast), that leads your potential clients down the path to doing business with you.  It’s a SHARP looking website you’ll be proud of.  The only thing it won’t do is make you a cup of coffee.

Savings Analysis Tool
This one of a kind BSA Tool is a PHENOMENAL in-office assistant so that you’re not a sales call “alone”.  You simply follow the BSA Tool process and ask questions that are non-intrusive to your client.  You’re actually just pulling up numbers that help prove why you can save your customer money.  It is a step-by-step process that you go through to gather information all in one place to then determine how you can help your client.

Snapshot – The Money Page
Once you’ve gone through the Savings Analysis, the BSA Tool totals everything up and creates a Savings Snaphsot so your customer can see their potential savings now and for years to come.  The fun part is you get to show the estimated savings right to your client – that’s the WOW!  This is a crucial piece of the BSA Tool.  It’s your way of connecting the savings you’re projecting with your client to the next (and final) sales call to close them.  It helps you generate Income Opportunities by demonstrating the savings to clients right in front of them.

The BSA Tool has hundreds of case studies in dozens of different industries that show all kinds of savings across all of our savings categories from Workers Compensation  to Energy Savings and for client categories from Hotels to Manufacturers.  The bottom line is that we either save the clients money or there is no fee!

With our built-in scheduler, you’ll be able to schedule a call with your team of experts so they’ll be on the line for the next meeting.  These National Account Managers help handle the technical side of things and are awesome at getting business closed.

Where is my client in the process?  It’s as easy as logging in to the CRM to see if they’ve been contacted, had a meeting or signed up and the savings are installed.  Just check the BSA Tool.

The Blue Coast Savings Consultants Assessment Tool.  It lends you the  ultimate credibility and is the ultimate show and tell.  As Blue Coast adds more services, they all go into the BSA Tool, providing you with more Income Opportunities.  Saving clients more money and helping you earn more money at the same time.

It’s unique and you can have it if you become an advisor with Blue Coast Savings Consultants.  Take the next step and call us or visit and View Our Webinar.

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