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Business Opportunities AheadThe future, this year and beyond, may very well be a time of entrepreneurship.

In 2014, there will be plenty of opportunities for online and offline businesses. Our world is changing at a rapid rate due to the unprecedented rate at which knowledge is doubling. The rate of knowledge in the world doubles every 12 months. Yet this is expected to accelerate even more, with knowledge doubling every 12 hours. This means that information management, in some form or another, will gradually replace manual work, which will be more automated.

Offline Businesses

Niche Consulting According to popular trend watchers, the nations fastest growing industry is niche business consulting. It’s workforce is expected to increase dramatically though 2016. Small specialized firms are attracting clients away from large corporate consultants at this time. Especially popular now are consultants who help companies save money, minimize financial losses and do public relations damage control.

Elderly Care As Baby Boomers get older, they will need more in-home care. There will be a need for 24 hour nursing care as well as services related to ancillary health care supplies, like oxygen suppliers. Besides nursing type of jobs, there will be a need for personal services like grocery shopping, physical therapy, or chauffeuring.

Retirement Services As Baby Boomers get older, they will begin to look for property in temperate climates like California and Florida. This will creates a market for realtors who can help sell and buy homes. There will also be a need for financial services for retiring people, like trust and investment specialists.

Outsourcing As corporations continue to downsize their staff, they will need to rely on independent contractors to do the work. This will create an opportunity for accountants, human resource professionals, and lawyers. There will also be a need for temp workers, which will be outsourced by agencies.

Online Trends

Mobile Application Development The world is becoming increasingly focused on accessing information online through portable devices. Besides android and apple mobile apps, there are tablets. As the technology for Google glass improves enough to become a commercial success, it will create a new wave of demand. With billions of people using smartphones, the demand for mobile application developers will increase.

Internet Marketing Services It has become increasingly easier to set up your own home-based business online. There are numerous user-friendly apps to help create a business in less than a week. This has created a demand for business-to-business services like online reputation management to protect a brand name, search engine optimization to get better ranking on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, social media marketing, and content creation marketing.

Technical Professionals Marketing online will require small business owners to outsource technical services. There will be an increase in demand for photographers, image consultants, graphic artists, infographic designers, animation artists, video producers, and website designers. Besides a need for specialists, there will also be a need for technical generalists–people who are just good at learning new programs and implementing technical tasks like computer repair specialists and virtual office assistants.

Teaching and Coaching With many more people becoming comfortable with learning skills related to e-commerce business, there will also be a need for teachers and coaches. Teachers will promote technical skills either through online services or through community-oriented educational services. For instance, there will be a growing demand for people who can teach computer programming. Additionally, entrepreneurs will seek to learn more about how to run an online business, which opens the door to coaching professionals.


For those who want to start their own business as independent contractors, consultants, or freelancers, 2014 will offer lots of opportunities for small business enterprises. Besides the desire to earn more than is available in the current job market, people are also looking for higher job satisfaction. Many experts on employment trends believe that the present job environment will create a new impetus for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

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