How to Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Business

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Countless people have fantasized about starting a business. Being your own boss, spending more time with the family, and having greater influence over your own career as well as how your time is spent on a daily basis are all massively appealing. So why do so few people actually do it? True, it’s not easy. That said, neither is working a job you don’t like, and when you are doing hard work you enjoy it tends to feel a lot less like hard work. The truth is there is a subtler reason underlying most people’s choice not to take charge of their own destiny: fear.

It is fear that stops people from even beginning. And, as many an experienced entrepreneur has observed, not starting is the greatest mistake. The possibilities of success are endless, and even if you do fail you will certainly learn a great deal that can be taught only through personal experience. Paulo Coelho wrote that brief, unexpected suffering passes quickly and is far easier to endure than the lengthy, apparently bearable suffering that we take on, thinking that it is the “sensible” path to take. It is our fear, in fact, that keeps us from life’s greatest gems. The trick then, is to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you accept discomfort as just another experience—not something to be avoided at all costs—whole worlds open up to you that were not available before.

The funny thing about this fear is that it is entirely based on beliefs, most of which aren’t true. Take a look at your reasons for not taking the leap. Common reasons are “I don’t know how to start a business,” or “I will fail.” These things might be true, but it’s also possible they’re completely false. The problem most people create is they ignore the second possibility and accept them as true, never pursuing their goal any further. Take a good look at whatever beliefs that are limiting you, and ask yourself whether they are absolutely true.

One thing you can do to reduce the fear of starting a business is to start small. Starting small allows you to keep all aspects of your business within your grasp at all times, allowing for mistakes as you grow steadily larger. Remember the purpose of your business is to increase the quality of your life, and worrying about getting a huge payoff on a loan you took out is not going to achieve that goal.

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