Tools For Starting a Business: The Power Of Intention

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“For the last 400 years,” says Stanford University’s professor emeritus William Tiller, “An unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call physical reality. Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct.”

Intention matters when starting a business and running it. Conscious or unconscious, it is the tool we use to create our lives. And if we use it deliberately, it can be the link between our desires and the reality of creation.

When an intention is created, it becomes the lens through which we view the world. Unconsciously, we begin looking for ways to reach that goal and finding solutions that support us in doing so. Our conscious and unconscious mind churns through potential obstacles and develops creative approaches to reaching our goal. We view outward events in relation to how they affect our intention, and we adjust accordingly.

But what intentions are we creating? The Harvard Business Review says “Any CEO or leader who wants to propel a business forward must be certain — and communicate — that the intent is unambiguous.” But are we clear about our intentions? More often than not, we find ourselves intending to “Just finish this project,” “Make a good impression,” or simply get through the day so that we can relax. The problem is that these intentions are often shortsighted. If we create these, what next? Another project, another day to get through, an impression you must maintain.

The key is to know how to use the tool of intention. This comes in three steps.

1. Be aware. The first step is the most important. We are constantly creating intentions without realizing it. If our desire is to create a successful business but our intention is to go home and relax, we will be unable to put our focus and energy into our work. This isn’t to say that relaxing at home isn’t important, just that clarity in our intentions is necessary. And if we become clear, we can work effectively and relax without worrying about work (if our intention in that moment is to relax), certain that we are supporting the creation of what we intend.

2. Be positive. Countless studies show that we create experiences based on our positive or negative attitude. The Business Therapist says “In coaching small business clients, I observe the profitability of being positive and optimistic. There is a strong correlation between the business owner’s positive attitude and businesses growth. Unfortunately, there is also a strong correlation between business owners that are less optimistic and a struggling business – because, from their perspective, customers are difficult, employees are a challenge, and the whole economy is sliding backwards.” The key is to create an intention that sounds more like an affirmation, for example “I create positive, lasting relationships with customers.” Rather than “I will improve my relationship with customers.” The latter puts the attention on the current relationship being negative, whereas the former introduces a new possibility and focuses entirely on the positive. This becomes internalized and we begin creating experiences that reflect that.

3. Be holistic. Don’t just focus on your business life. You are a whole person and to force yourself into the tiny role of being only a businessperson is limiting. Including the rest of your desires in your intentions allows what is already working subconsciously to be out in the open and easily observed. This also allows for more creativity. You are a kind, loving, artistic human being. Why not use all of this in support to your business life? Wayne Dyer’s 7 Laws of the Power of Intention may help to shed some light on this.

If you would like some support in starting your own business and growing it to success, please feel free to contact us – we’re happy to help!

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