Top 5 Qualities of a Savings Consultant – VIDEO

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Savings Consultant – VIDEO?

At Blue Coast, we often get asked – What qualities make a good Savings Consultant? I’m here to tell you the qualities we find in our most successful Consultants.

Top 5 qualities of a good Blue Coast Savings Consultant:

  1. Relationship Building – Our best consultants are strong relationship builders. Being able to gain the trust of a client and do everything you can to help them. In our case, that means saving them money. Most business relationships start with a simple cost savings program, but when the client sees the cost savings, they will ask about others. It is your job to be a consultant and provide the best cost savings recommendations we offer. Understand the client’s business and what industry they work in. This will allow you to anticipate future cost savings opportunities. And let’s not forget, the best advertising is Word of Mouth. Imagine getting referrals from current clients to other business professionals.

  1. Being Coachable – At Blue Coast, we pride ourselves on providing industry leading sales and marketing support. Most of our consultants are not experts in any one area of cost savings. They take advantage of all the programs we offer to help each consultant succeed. From the “closing desk” to instructional videos about each savings program, we make sure each consultant has everything they need to do the job. Are you willing to take the instruction to become a top consultant?
  1. Strong Work Ethic – NO procrastinators found here. Our top consultants understand what it takes to get the job done. You won’t be required to “punch the clock” or fill out any time sheets, but for many people, that leads to more free time than work time. Not all the deals get done during a typical work day. Some clients require more prospecting than others. Work smarter, not harder. The best consultants recognize an opportunity worth their time. They don’t chase down dead end leads or spend too much time on a client who won’t give commitment. Knowing how to work efficiently and avoid distractions separate the best from the mediocre.
  1. Opportunity Seeker – The fact you are watching this video shows you are an opportunity seeker. Recognizing Business Savings Consulting as a top trending business opportunity for 2014 would be even more impressive. Our consultants come from a variety of different educational and professional backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common – they understand the opportunity Blue Coast presents in Today’s, or any, economy. As long as businesses are spending money and incurring costs, our consultants will have job security. Some are unsatisfied with their current job and others are looking for multiple streams of income. Either way, Blue Coast was the best opportunity for them, and it could be for you too.
  1. Having Passion – At its core, savings consulting is about helping other people. If you enjoy helping others you can be a top Blue Coast Savings Consultant. Every day we help businesses review line items found on a typical P&L statement and show them areas where they can save money. You can’t argue with results. Our top consultants are our top consultants because they produce. All our consultants have access to the resources Blue Coast provides, but we can’t supply the passion. The best consultants enjoy helping businesses save money.

To re-cap, the top 5 qualities of the Best Blue Coast Savings Consultants are: Relationship Building, Being Coachable, Strong Work Ethic, Opportunity Seeker, and Having Passion. If you think you have those 5 qualities and want to learn more about being a Blue Coast Savings Consultant, check out our website ( and contact us to see if you qualify or View Our Webinar to learn more.

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