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As a business consultant, we would be remiss if we did not offer you a few simple methods to use to attract customers with social media marketing. These methods will work well on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn regardless of the type of consulting you offer. These 5 methods will improve your business results.

1. Listen to what people need before telling them what you can offer. Social media makes it easy to find out what issues people are dealing with and the types of solutions that they’re looking for. If you were to go on Twitter right now and use keywords related to your niche, you would immediately be able to find out what people are saying about it.

They openly ask for ideas, referrals, quotes or anything else that they need. They may also complain about various companies and express their frustration at not getting simple needs met. By understanding what people are talking about in your niche, you are able to respond in the best possible way to provide them with assistance that they need.

2. Create relationships with people with influence because they have big audiences. On Facebook, for instance, you can follow people who have developed large audiences and talk to them, as well as other experts who visit that page. Not only will you learn a great deal from these conversations, but you will also be able to create recognition for your own profile based on your comments and posts attracting favorable attention from other people.

3. Start your own group around something that you are an expert in. For example, on LinkedIn, you can start a group for your local area. By leading conversations in social media, people will begin to perceive you as a leader in real life as well.

4. Be respectful of social media etiquette. Put bluntly, avoid coming across like a used car salesman. You may accidentally do this by using canned messages, making insincere comments, or heavily pitching people when they show some interest in what you do for a living. People will begin to avoid engaging with you on social media. Alternatively, it is much easier to come across as a sincere person and offer genuine advice and comments. It is counterproductive to pressure people into paying attention to what you have to offer.

5. Avoid over-relying on automation. While there is a place for using automating tools if you have a busy schedule, you should make an effort to personally interact as well. For instance, HootSuite will allow you to schedule advance messages on Twitter, but you should also take time to be involved in live interactions. By personally responding to questions with fresh advice, people will begin to see you as someone who is authentic and genuinely contributing to interesting discussions.

Although these five methods are remarkably simple, you will get very good at attracting targeted customers on social media if you use them regularly.

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