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According to some scientists’ estimates, the ability to clone humans is at least another 50 or so years off. With science lagging so far behind, today’s business owners need to find new and innovative ways to help get the work of five people done while still having enough time for fun and family. Below are seven ways to help you leverage your time and get more out of your business day.

Plan out the day. Rather than trying to jump in and tackle all business projects at once, individuals who map out their day find they are far more productive overall. By turning the typical work day into 15-minute chunks, business owners will find that they can condense more into a work day by keeping tabs on every minute. This method is most effective when employers plan high-intensity activities during the productive morning hours and simpler tasks at the end of the day.

Look for ways to automate. Instead of manually sending the same email over and over again, individuals can utilize software and automation products to take care of repetitive processes, freeing up more of their day for profitable activities. By taking an hour to find simple automation processes, the return on investment (ROI) on the reclaimed time is astronomical, providing employers with an extra hour or two every day to put to better use.

Repurpose existing work and ideas. Rather than reinventing the wheel on a daily basis, individuals who hold onto and reuse parts of previous projects can often shave hours off of new tasks. For example, employers can often strip down and reuse complex Excel spreadsheets that have hours of formatting and formula work for other projects and purposes.

Maximize customer face time. Every minute of client and customer face time needs to be more than just addressing the original need. Service managers who encourage their subordinates to mention upcoming promotions and special deals during customer interactions can kill multiple birds with one stone. Rather than spending additional time and money to get the word out, professionals who employ this tactic will see an increase in customer responses without having to invest the extra effort.

Create mini goals. A popular saying explains that even an elephant is eaten just one bite at a time. Instead of focusing on the enormity of the project or task at hand, business owners need to break down month-long projects into daily bites.

Stop and refresh. Although this may appear counterproductive at first, a quick 15-minute break during the day helps professionals recharge and refocus. Temporarily stepping away from a difficult situation can provide clarity and a fresh perspective to find a solution.

Divide and delegate. Everybody has certain strengths and weaknesses when it comes to doing their jobs or running their businesses. Rather than spending eight hours a week stumbling through a task, professionals should find an individual or company that specializes in that specific task to gain a helping hand.

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