Residual Income is the Best Income

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Jeff from Blue Coast Savings Consultants shares this video about the Blue Coast Business Opportunity. Click HERE to view our Webinar.


Hi, I’m Jeff with Blue Coast Savings Consultants – America’s Business Watchdogs, We help businesses not get fleeced. There are two ways a company can earn more income

Get more customers.

Or, cut current expenses.

My company helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry, SAVE MORE MONEY.  How?  Our consultants perform an assessment that instantly provides the client with cost savings opportunities.  In fact, we primarily deal with everything found on a P&L statement.  The best part is you don’t need to be an expert, we have business service professionals that understand the technical side and close for you. Your job is to show clients where they can save money, how much they can save, and who we’ve helped already.  It’s a win-win.  Each savings program is designed to help clients save money and help our advisors get paid upfront and earn residual income.

Can you see yourself saving companies money?  Are you passionate about that?  Would you feel proud to be a part of a team dedicated to helping business’ cut expenses?  Savings Consulting is a prime business opportunity that thrives in any economy.  Business expenses will NEVER disappear, therefore, Blue Coasts and its consultants will always be here to help them save money.  Blue Coast Savings Consultants are so good at what we do, we either find savings… or there is no fee.

Our Blue Coast Savings Consultants develop business by working with companies to identify areas of potential cost savings.  The First Step in our process is to use our revolutionary Business Savings Assessment Tool, or BSA tool. This industry exclusive tool will identify cost savings through:  expense audits, special tax incentives, health care reviews, and many other program.  We also have an App for your Smart Phone.  Our Consultants show their clients how to save money without changing systems or relationships with established suppliers.

We provide world-class Sales Support and Training.  Our SMART Marketing integration provides the highest level of support that includes:

  • Programs that pay upfront and in Residual Income
  • A dedicated website with a national celebrity
  • Access to our Revolutionary Business Savings Assessment Tool
    • Provides instant credibility
    • Savings Snapshot
    • App for your Smart Phone
  • Service Experts to help you CLOSE business – so you don’t have to be an expert
  • Access to pre-set, face-to-face appointments from a third party
  • Direct Mailings
  • Our new Marketing Portal
  • 24/7 back office support

When you add it all up, we have the best support for you to earn income and help business save money.  Our Training and Marketing Services provide a true competitive advantage for our consultants.  Check out our webinar, look through the website, write down questions and see if you qualify.  If you are considering starting your own business or looking to get your current business in the front door, and you are passionate about working with business to help them save money – Blue Coast could be right for you.

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