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WasteIntoMoneyAccording to our business consulting partners, roughly 8 out 10 clients overpay in waste expenses.  These include costs for solid waste, medical waste, and recycling disposals.  A thorough audit of waste disposal expenses can quickly increase a client’s bottom line.  These costs are often overlooked by the client and it takes a true business consulting professional to uncover savings opportunities.

What is a Waste Disposal Audit?

The National Resource Defense Council (NDRC) defines a Waste Audit as “…an analysis of your building’s waste stream. It can identify what types of recyclable materials and waste your office generates and how much of each type is recovered for recycling or discarded.”  This data can identify ways to reduce waste and determine cost saving opportunities. In addition, a waste audit can reduce the overall environmental impact a business has on the local ecosystem.  Our business consulting professionals typically conduct these audits as often as requested for up to 3 years to ensure the most efficient processes are in place.

How can you save money with a Waste Disposal Audit? 

Blue Coast Savings Consultants offer an evaluation of a client’s past waste disposal invoices, current service agreements, service levels, equipment, and pricing structure.  Many client’s waste disposal processes have been in place since day one of business.  They have never been reviewed, modified, or audited.  Our Waste Disposal Audit can easily identify ways to update these processes to become more efficient, environmentally safe, and cheaper.

Why conduct a Waste Disposal Audit?

Besides the obvious cost savings potential and the lessened environmental impact, a Waste Disposal Audit can actually lead to new revenue streams.  Clients may be throwing away recyclable materials and paying to have them hauled away and put in a landfill that actually have monetary value.  Many recyclable materials can be sold on the market to recycling centers.

Real life example:

-Via NRDC– New York’s Brooklyn Brewery saved more than $25,000 a year in hauling and disposal costs by implementing a variety of recycling and waste reduction measures, including recycling its cardboard and plastic wastes.

If you are considering a new business opportunity, consider Business Consulting. Blue Coast Savings Consultant?! We offer a turn-key business opportunity much like that of a franchise except that there are no ongoing royalties to be paid and there is a low initial licensing fee. Learn more about what’s included and the investment required when you become a Blue Coast Savings Consultant.  One of our income streams is offering you the option to offer clients a Waste Disposal Audit.

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